This blog post will be big on pictures and small on words.
I had an amazing winter morning with this family. It looked like a Christmas wonderland. Sadly the snow only lasted for that day. I’m sure we will have more snow soon. I absolutely love taking pictures in the snow. I can get past the freezing and numb fingers to enjoy the soft beauty it provides.
It was wonderful to see this whole family get together for their photography session. They were goofy, fun and gorgeous. Let me share some of their images from their family photography session we took at Mud Creek Park here in Chatham, Ontario.

Tanya Sinnett Family Photography

Local Chatham Photographer

Family Photography Chatham Ontario

Tanya Sinnett Photography

Mud Creek Park Chatham

Winter Family Pictures

Tanya Sinnett family Photographer

Tanya Sinnett Family Photography Chatham Ontario

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Family Photographer

Tanya Sinnett Photography

Mud Creek Park Family Photos

Mud Creek Park Pictures

Large Family Group Photo

Mud Creek Park Photos

Tanya Sinnett

Tanya Sinnett Photographer

Funny Family Photos

Family Photos Chatham

Chatham Family Photographer

Family Photos Chatham Ontario

Tanya Sinnett Photography

Tanya Sinnett Family Photographer Chatham

Tanya Sinnett Photography Local Chatham Photographer