I love the fact that I get to see families grow. It’s such an honour to have you come back to me year after year to capture your milestones and memories.
Sara is not just a client she is a friend and someone I look up to. She has such a big heart. I really admire her passion for children and giving them the best opportunities. Not just her own children…any children. She wants them to not only know they are loved but to feel they are loved.
Sara and her husband Shawn have been married for 15 years now. It’s amazing to see the love and respect they both show each other. When they look at each other you can feel the admiration Shawn has for Sara. When Sara looks at Shawn you can see how much she adores him by the way her eyes sparkle and the corners of her mouth lift. They have it all and they give it all.
I had the pleasure of photographing their family once again at their home just outside of Chatham Ontario.
Let me share some of my favourite images from their recent family session.