I was so excited to finally meet Mitch & Bela in person. Up until their engagement session we had only had virtual meetings and emails exchanged. There is always a little bit of nerves that come when you are first getting to know a couple. Will they like me, will they laugh at my jokes, will they have fun? Bela and Mitch were amazing! They totally embraced my silly side and just rolled with all my suggestions. Poor Mitch even handled my teasing him about being cold.
Back when we had scheduled their engagement session we had hoped there would still be snow. Bela is originally from Brazil and thought it would be fun to send back pictures in the snow. Sadly, the weather warmed up and there was no snow to be had. Not all was loss though. At our location there happened to be a yellow school bus. Bela was so happy to have this for her pictures because there are no school buses in Brazil. This was like finding a unicorn she told me. Hey, I aim to please. ūüėČ
These two have a great connection. I can tell by how comfortable they are with each other and how they joke around together. I’m so thrilled they chose me to capture this special time for them. Their wedding is going to be just as amazing as they are.
Let me share some of my favourite pictures from their engagement shoot.