It’s no secret that I love engagement sessions. I pry and want to hear all the details about how the proposal went, if someone was surprised, how you met etc. I adore seeing the inside jokes and really getting to know my clients. Often the engagement session is the first time we work together. Not for Shane and Amanda, I did a family session with them in 2017. They had recently moved to Chatham Kent at that time and I feel like we really connected during their session.
When Shane and Amanda contacted me recently to let me know they were engaged and wanted me to photograph their wedding I was ecstatic! First I love weddings and second I love that they thought of me to capture this special time and I would get to work with them again.
I remembered how much I laughed during their 2017 family shoot and I feel like that was surpassed during their engagement session. These two get me and all my weird quirkiness. We were all able to play off each other and their session was a breeze. They didn’t run away and promised to leave a review about my awkwardness. ūüėČ
Shane and Amanda already have a son together who was able to help celebrate the engagement with a few special pictures.  Little B was a delight to work with and bursting with energy. Amanda and Shane brought along some helpers to keep Mr B busy so we could try and get some romantic pictures of just the two of them.
Let me share some of my favourite images from their Erieau engagement session. I can’t wait to celebrate their 2021 wedding!