I had the pleasure of meeting up with John and Jessica with their extended family last weekend. It was very exciting for me to catch up with these two. The last I saw them I was shooting their wedding pictures. As you can see they have now welcomed a beautiful little girl into their lives.
We got together on a chilly November day. Jessica had contacted me to book this family shoot months ago since it can be difficult to arrange everyone’s schedule. As their shoot approached I was crossing my fingers it would still be somewhat mild. Even though it was chilly we still managed to have a beautiful time capturing their family pictures.
John’s Mom and Dad were both very attentive to their grandchildren and showed an amazing connection. I loved witnessing the bond they held with their grandchildren.
Thank you Sikora family for having my capture your family photos at the time. I look forward to seeing your family grow even more.

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Tanya Sinnett Family Photography

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Sikora Family Pictures

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