I had a great session to end 2015. (No more sessions booked at this point until 2016 and I’m looking forward to a little break)
I met the Smolders family in 2014 for a large extended family photo shoot. We managed to stay connected with the wonders of facebook.  I was so happy when we scheduled their next session. Julie and I planned to do their family photos at the fabulous Puddleford Tree Farm while the family picked their Christmas Tree. What a special time for me to be a part of and able to capture such happy memories.
Julie and Matt have two adorable little boys. Absolutely sweetest personalities.  I couldn’t stop laughing when one proclaimed they wanted to kiss me. They got along so well and even managed to agree on a Christmas tree.
Thank you Julie and Matt for allowing me to photograph your family again. I look forward to next years photo session!

Tanya Sinnett Family Photography

Love the little photo bomber!

Love the little photo bomber!

Chatham-Kent Family Photography

Black and While Family Pictures

Family Photography Session

Puddleford Tree Farm