This wasn’t my first time photographing Fern and I  hope it wont be my last.  Whenever I get the pleasure of taking Ferns Family pictures I spend most of the session laughing and joking around. She has a great sense of humour.

Fern really wanted to make this a memorable experience.  At the end of the session they jumped in the water and got as dirty as they could. I must admit, I loved ending the family photography session in this manor. It is one shoot I know I wont forget and I hope they feel the same.

They also included props for their photo session that are relevant to their family dynamic. A guitar (and I even got a free show) that Paul plays and a  favourite wine the couple enjoy together.

Erieau is a fantastic place to do your family photos. I love the tall grass, the beach, the pier and the trees. It is really a perfect location that has it all. Already I am missing the warm evenings I was able to spend out there this summer photographing so many families. This will be a long winter but I can look forward to more shoots out in Erieau next season.

Some of my favourite images from this messy beach family photography session are below.


Eireau Family Session

Eireau Family photography Session

Playing around in the water

Playing around in the water