It has been a while since I have done a new blogpost. COVID had me shut down (like the rest of the world) for some time. I wasn’t able to get behind my camera and capture the beautiful moments that make my heart happy. I did try some selfies for a bit but realized I was a terrible subject and difficult to work with. HAHA I started to paint with water colours and have enjoyed that process. Now things are slowly opening up again and I am able to get back behind my camera. My true passion is connecting with people. I love to hear your stories. I want to know how you met, who is the silliest in the family and who is the smelliest. I want to capture the giggles and quiet moments and everything in between. So, here I am and I am ready to get to know you.

So for my first blogpost back I wanted to share the maternity session of Daniel and Kassandra. Just look at how gorgeous these parents to be are. They are expecting their first baby in a few short weeks (it will seem like forever since being pregnant in the summer can be a little uncomfortable). Kassandra was positively glowing during her session and knew how to work the camera (despite her claims that this was her first photo session). My favourite part was when I was taking pictures of Kassandra and I would look over at Daniel, he would have the biggest smile on his face watching her and so much pride in his eyes. It was heart warming to see.

I know no one wants to read the post and just want the good stuff, the photos! So let me share some of my favourite images from their maternity photo shoot.