When my Mom and her boyfriend Pat came home from their cruise a few weeks ago, I had them over for dinner. I wanted to see pictures and hear all about their adventures. Little did I know they had a big adventure to share with me.  Pat had purposed to my Mom on the balcony of their room. It had been something he was planning to do for some time, he was waiting for just the right moment. When they finally got the news out both were giggling and bouncing in their seats like school children. After congratulations my next comment was that we had to take engagement pictures!
Mom and Pat were amazing during their engagement session. Of course it ended up being a freezing cold day. Regardless of the weather they wanted those pictures so they could share their good news with the world.
I absolutely loved their outfits and thought my Mom looked so stylish (I even asked to borrow the outfit for myself). My mom doesn’t usually wear make-up but allowed me to fancy her up just a bit. I was actually impressed with my make-up skills since I have never done someone else’s makeup before.
We ventured to downtown Chatham for their engagement session with the hopes of the buildings blocking the wind. No such luck as the wind seemed to come from every direction. Thier smiles ad laughter kept them warm. I know I will cherish these photos for the years to come and was so happy to be able to take them.
Let me share with you some of my favourite images from their engagement session.