I finally had the privileged of meeting Kyle and Kate this week. The crazy week between Christmas and New Years Eve. Both are not living locally so all of our communications have been over the phone or the web. Thankfully they were able to make it to Chatham-Kent for the holidays and we squeezed in their engagement session.
These two are a sweet young couple with an exciting future ahead of them. They have been together for over four years now so they are practically an old married couple at this point.
Even though it was cold AND windy the couple didn’t complain during their engagement photos. Actually, they were open to all my suggestions even when I asked them to take their coats off.
We started their engagement session at Lighthouse Cove. It was my first time being there and I found the little village cute. However, since it was on the water we had a lot of wind there. We made the decision it might be warmer if we move to a more sheltered location. We continued their photo session at Northside Park in Tilbury. Luckily for us the rain hit just as we were wrapping up.
I’m looking forward to their fall wedding here in Chatham. Let me share some of my favourite images from their Engagement session.