The last time this family was in front of my camera little Mr X was one. It had been a few years and Mom realized that it was time to update that family photo hanging in their home. These two little guys were full of energy for their family session. I can assure you all that I love it. I love seeing them run and giggle and feel so comfortable around me they can be themselves.
We met in Erieau to do their family photos this year. It was windy, chilly and beautiful! I loved the clouds and the intensely loud waves. I found it exciting. The boys found it fun to run under my blanket as the wind lifted it like a flag.
My hope is that when you look back on your photos you remember how little they were (because each day they get a little bit bigger). You remember how lively, and curious and ready to get dirty they were. You remember jumping in puddles and letting them be themselves, 100% and loved. Thanks for embracing that fun Stephens family and just going with it.
Here are a few of my favourite images from your family photo shoot.