I’m so happy to share Kyle & Kate’s beautiful Country Church Wedding.  Their wedding day was held on a sweltering fall weekend. Yes…sweltering. I can say these two have a knack for picking extreme weather situations for their photography sessions. We did their engagement photos on a very frigid December afternoon.
Kates dress was so elegant and absolutely perfect for her. She did her own makeup for her wedding as well as helped a few of the girls (including her mother) get theirs just right. I spent the morning with the girls as they did their final touches. Some last minute flowers being added to the custom made bouquets, (Gifted and made by Jen, a family friend) and a toast to start their day.
We made our way to the Retro Suites Hotel in Downtown Chatham. This is where the guys spent their morning getting ready. Kate and Kyle chose to do a first look in the lobby. We had schedule all their formal pictures to be taken before their ceremony.  With only a 5 minute drive down the road we went to Maple Leaf Drive for their wedding party pictures.
Kyle and Kate held their wedding ceremony as well as their Reception at the Country Church and Wedding Barn on St Clair Street. This was my first time at such a unique venue.  Dianne Hill did a wonderful job officiating the wedding.
It wasn’t long before the newly married couple were making their entrance with their first dance in front of their friends and family.  It was time to enjoy dinner and speeches from their family.
As tradition I said my goodbyes with one final image, the night shot.
Thank you Kyle and Kate for having me photograph this special time for you.